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Oznayim WSB Baba

     SSS:  *B Wynneshire BBK’s Sleek Baron

   SS: CH *B Wynneshire Baron’s Starbuck

     SSD:  GCH 11*M Wynneshire Designer Josette

S:  *B Wynneshire Starbuck’s Breve

      SDS:  *B Wynneshire BBK’s Sleek Baron

   SD:  GCH 4*M Wynneshire Baron’s L’il Mousse

     SDD:  GCH 3*M Wynneshire Legend’s Willow



     DSS:  ++*B Winterberry Marvin’s Flashpoint

  DS:  *B Musk Rose Jack Flash

     DSD:  6*M Musk Rose Sabrina

D:  Rosethyme Flash Cinnamon

     DDS:  SG ++*B Musk*Rose Shadrack

  DD:  SG 7*M Musk*Rose SS Lucille

     DDD:  6*M Musk*Rose Flora


Our dear Baba passed away suddenly in January of 2012, and in addition to being a great genetic loss for our herd, we really loved that big teddy bear and miss his handsome, gentle presence.  As you can see by his LA scores as a young buck, every year he just got better and better.


We are retaining what genetics of his we can, which are kids from his breedings with Dolly and Kaitlyn.  The two mixes should be excellent and perhaps in the future we can bring some Wynneshire and/or Musk Rose genetics back in through AI.